God Damn, is Writing a Sonnet Difficult

During the weekends I tried to write a Sonnet and…

God Damn, is writing a sonnet difficult,

Writing in blank verse is sufficiently hard.

The five iambs and rhyming couplets choke.

No wonder Sonnets mark the finest bard…

So here is my miserable attempt at a Shakespearian Sonnet…

The image of perfection, Luna's heir 
Who speaks in delicate sing song voice, which 
Mesmerizes with magisterial air, 
You make poor life incomprehensibly rich. 
Sweet love, I want you in my arms, and look 
With your soft eyes at me as we, body 
To body sleep across the fields and shock 
The world with your unparalleled beauty. 
I wish to stay in here and never leave, 
and carve the moment in silent, soft, words. 
In eden lies us, Adam and Eve. 
In eden we shall dance to nature's chord. 
    How much I picture you here, me beside, 
    You stay as letters; you're only my lie. 

I’ll have to admit that this is a terrible sonnet. The meter does not flow nearly as well as I wish it to be, the enjambments stand out stingingly, and the rhymes are so forced it is as if they’re squeezed out of a toothpaste tube… but this is all I have after three hours of toiling…

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