The Saving Power (and destroying power) of Social Media

An answer to the essay question: Does social media make us more lonely? (Turns out that it does and does not—in true Hegelian fashion!) I. Introduction Two qualities distinguish social media from previous technologies: egocentrism and democracy. Social media is more egocentric than previous technologies because, rather than consuming information selected by others and for … Continue reading The Saving Power (and destroying power) of Social Media


I am melting,  My skin is keeping my form.  I am melting,  The white flame is scorching my soul. I want to scream,  Scream: “I am melting!”  But what can they do?  The weather is the weather,  And it doesn’t.  I am melting.  The sweet melting ice cream of summer days,  Dropping down, splashing onto … Continue reading Melting


(This is a short story written for a competition. Discussion about love and meaning. Enjoy.) Hi. Ben here,  I just want to talk to you for a bit. Not for anything substantial really. Still, I’ve been thinking about these things for quite some time now, although I’ve never gotten around to saying them to you. … Continue reading Notes