Sometimes what sounds the easiest is often the hardest. As everyone who is trying to lose weight can attest, "eat less", "sleep better", "exercise more", are deceptively difficult. The same goes for thinking. In its most elementary, thinking is opening oneself to the other within oneself, to sit down and listen to that seed within … Continue reading Thinking

12 Step

“Higher Power”. “Inner Child”. “Trauma”. A 21st century technological inept human being cannot but cringe when those words are uttered. Indeed, the entire 12 Step program is cringe and corny all the way through. Its simplicity verges on brutality, One almost cannot help but treat it with irony and sarcasm. Because it really is ridiculous. … Continue reading 12 Step

Being Ethical

Out of the thinkers I know, Kant most rigorously theorized Ethics, tying it with Duty, Categories, Freedom, Universal Law, Causality (outside of nature), Immortality, and God. But his insight is remarkably simple: the very state of acting ethically is qualitatively different from everything else we do (what he calls "pathological actions"). It must be done … Continue reading Being Ethical

Sex Ed

Perhaps Sex Ed has some benefits. There are statistics showing it. I don't want to deny its success. But it reveals a much more general failing of schools—the terrible quality of true, genuine, liberal arts education, an education of the person as a whole. It is necessarily to provide kids with certain statistics and certain … Continue reading Sex Ed

The Humanity of Mathematics, from discussing “Event”

(I organize a Maths-Except-That-It-Is-Much-Cooler-Than-Most-School-Maths Society, and during our last meeting a question came up: What do we mean by an "event"? Here is my answer—which reads like a piece of Heideggerian apology): We have to first specify what we really mean by an "event". When we say event, we can mean an "event" in mathematics … Continue reading The Humanity of Mathematics, from discussing “Event”