Sex Ed

Perhaps Sex Ed has some benefits. There are statistics showing it. I don’t want to deny its success. But it reveals a much more general failing of schools—the terrible quality of true, genuine, liberal arts education, an education of the person as a whole.

It is necessarily to provide kids with certain statistics and certain facts, but the pedagogical role should stop there. To try to instruct kids (who are almost adults) further on how they should act is patronizing. Sex is not only about sex, but also Love. And in implanting this obtrusive superego into the kids brain, love can be destroyed. It is always-already is peril anyway, so it doesn’t take much to kill it.

The best sexual education is just an education of the soul. This ugly compartmentalisation, the need for this special category, and the urge to thrust these programs in the face of every student, is itself a symptom of the lack of belief in Education, in its Latin sense of “leading out”. The reading of Shakespeare, of Kant, of Homer, is infinitely better (although, of course, much harder for schools to implement) than that egregious term “Sexual Education.”

Also, perhaps, schools need to learn where to draw the line. The private is the private, the public is the public. Good-intentioned interventions into the private, and assertions that the private is the public (as some Feminists claim), destroyed that space of the private that we can all dwell on.

And is sexual education, designed by 50 year old men and women, really relevant to young people today? Perhaps not. (And students sense that with their mockeries.)

But look at how different Great Literature ages: they grow in relevance with their age.

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