We need Privacy in order to… (Fantasize)

Enjoyment is always the enjoyment of the other. That is, our most intimate pleasures (reading some genre fiction late at night, for example) is always extimate, There is no enjoyment of one’s own. 

The maintenance of privacy is the method by which this enjoyment of and from the Other is preserved. For it is this demarkation, this difference between an outer space and an inner space, that makes exist the extimate which constitutes the intimate. Once we lose privacy, we lose not only the private realm, but also the public realm as well. 

This is because our image of ourselves is strictly of a public nature. This is maintained even when we are in our homes. We excrete, we snore, we burp, but we are not disgusted by ourselves, nor embarrassed, because we, strictly, do not register these acts. We don’t notice that they are part of ourselves, even if we are doing them right now. With the public, we are able immerse ourselves in our fantasies, protecting ourselves from ourselves.

Privacy maintains the public to protect us from the private.

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