Truth, Goodness, Beauty

(Some thoughts on how one can define the good life)

An interpretation of the Trinity: there is no supreme value that we have to pursuit at all cost. But rather, the proper path emerges out of the interactions between several values we hold in high esteem. Translating back to theology, there is no unitary God, but rather a pantheistic monotheism where God, as a single entity, is just the transjective interactions between smaller Gods, just as a room arises out of the relations between each individual items in the room or an organism out of relations between cells (nested within tissues, within organs, within organ systems…).

There seems to me to be three values that are irreducible to each other, but from which we all we value can be derived: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. The True is only truly True if it is good and beautiful, the Good is only truly Good if it is beautiful and true, and Beauty, only so, if it is true and good. And the pursuit of these three values are again guided by two qualities: Courage, and Wisdom. The mode of being where we pursuit Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the spirit of Courage and Wisdom can then, perhaps, be called Love. This may then serve as a template for the Good Life.

Examples of derivations that can be made:

Freedom=The Courageous pursuit of Truth (Truth because only the pursuit of Truth is free in the sense that it is completely out of our control).

Equanimity=A by-product of Love.



etc. etc.

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