Water, Tea, Expresso

Medieval thinkers partitioned the soul into memory, understanding, and the will. I propose, instead, water, tea, and expresso. Under this classification, life is essentially easy. Drink enough water, make some tea, and be careful with expresso—it’ll fuck with your sleep. (Note also that there’s the wild card, vodka, but it’s quite inexplicable, like the medieval … Continue reading Water, Tea, Expresso

Riffing off Nighthawks

Space stills. Atmosphere coagulates. Objects conjure.  The hats hang in their densities. The windows refrain from inviting. The doors remain perpetual possibilities, obscured and exhausted.  They have known each other. But what is knowing but inopportune misglances? One understands more in a glimpse than hours of mutuality. Time deceives; knowledge, in its safe familiarity, obscures understanding.  She … Continue reading Riffing off Nighthawks