We are all supremely lonely. Maturity is our coming to terms with this fact. It is when we realize that loneliness is necessary, just like birth pangs and death (and taxes). For it’s within loneliness that we truly see ourselves, with our beauty and ugliness shining through the cracks that loneliness makes on our myriad armors. Although life wouldn’t be worth living if it was completely lonely, it’d certainly be gray and dull without loneliness. We should be grateful for her, even in our suffering.

To prevent loneliness from devouring us, we have love and nostalgia. Those two are not solutions to loneliness more than her companions, each allowing for the other to prosper. Loneliness is only bearable when the faint light of love and nostalgia, harkening respectively from the future and the past, present us with hope and courage. And we only truly understand their light when we’ve stood in the obscurity of the forlorn, where our world is deprived of everything but the monstrosity of the self.

Loneliness, Nostalgia, and Love is the adolescent trinity, as he slouches towards adulthood.

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