Dealing with Privilege

We’re almost all privileged. I certainly am. With privilege accompanies a certain guilt. The guilt that comes from the realization that I did nothing to earn what I have. I did not choose my parents, my times, my body. I didn’t even choose to be born. Why do I deserve such a good deal? What should I do in the face of this almost unbearable privilege? 

The proper response is not guilt, since just as I didn’t earn my privileges, I’m not guilty for having them. I should rather be grateful. That means to take advantage of the immense opportunities that I’m endowed with to do something worthwhile—to make myself the best person that I can be, to bring love to the people around me, and even, to leave the world a better place than the one I’d entered. The proper response to privilege is not self-flagellation, but the responsibility to live, love, and thrive.

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