There are two types of attractiveness. This will have direct bearing on how we should mate.

There are people who are universally attractive. Pretty features. Good build. Etc..

But there are also people who we find uniquely attractive. Perhaps because of their hobbies, personality, or the specific type of beauty they embody.

We may find both groups equally attractive. But the optimal game-theoretic move is to go for the second group, since we have much less competition.

In fact, it is generally advised in life to not go for the thing that everyone likes. But to really discover your own individual taste. This is not being contrarian for contrarian’s sake. It’s just much easier to get what you want if you’re not competing with every single guy you meet on the street.

If everyone’s trying to paint the next Mona Lisa. Maybe you shouldn’t try to do that. Only 1 person’s going to succeed at that. There can’t be 50 Mona Lisa Plus.

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