Short Circuit

Each joke is a short circuit. It’s not meant to be. The world may not be better that it happened, but it has, and for all the destruction it causes, the world is at least more interesting

Like in a short circuit, a joke can be dangerous. Things that aren’t meant to touch are touching, and although we can get a Spiderman, a Frankenstein can equally emerge. There’s no way to defend the danger of a joke. A joke is subversive, and meant to be so, even if what’s subversive is also dangerous. What we should do is not to defend comedy and its inevitable danger, but understand that although jokes are risky, a world without jokes is much worse, because it does not permit free play, creativity, nor love, because all of the most beautiful endeavors of human life are risky, because, we may even say, we’re meant to play with fire.

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