Some of My Dreams

I do not condone what is written down here. Dreams are not meant to be done.

  1. Go to Mars.
  2. Become the U.S. president.
  3. Change the constitution so I can become the U.S. president.
  4. Or better, just be the general secretary of the United World Government.
  5. Make a living out of talking.
  6. Write a sui generis book.
  7. Be a professional body-builder.
  8. Or a standup comic.
  9. Or have enough money so I don’t have to be anything.
  10. Write Chinese poetry for a living.
  11. Actually, Russian poetry would be kinda cool too.
  12. Or poems that mixes all kinds of languages which basically no one can read.
  13. Fall in love. Marry. Have kids. Be a good dad. Send them to some place that is better than Harvard. And bully them into pursuing my dreams.
  14. Be the first person to get B.A.s, M.A.s, and PhDs from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and MIT.
  15. Then build the best university in the world.
  16. Or the next Bell Labs.
  17. Or something better.
  18. Then age slowly and happily, with friends and family and books and illegal activities.
  19. Then die.
  20. Be remembered. Preferably for good things. But I’d accept bad things too.
  21. Publish a collection of dick jokes. And another collection of conversations. Then another collection of dick jokes.
  22. Be accused of sexual promiscuity in spite of being chaste.
  23. Go to an orgy and not have sex.
  24. Order a prostitute and interrogate him/her about the meaning of life in the balcony, whilst being mutually naked.
  25. Try all the drugs that are even mildly in use, without dying.
  26. Or die whilst testing some drug.
  27. Have the biggest crap in the world and clog my toilet.
  28. And make a horror movie that literally scares people to death.
  29. Be temporarily blind.
  30. Or schizophrenic.
  31. Same for multiple personality disorder.
  32. Go through a failed suicide.
  33. Buy an island and create a new country.
  34. Build a nuclear program there.
  35. Initiate World War III.
  36. Make Grays (my current dorm) more famous than Harvard by doing unimaginably horrendous stuff.

Basically, try a lot of crazy stuff. Do a lot of hard things. Create something cool and self-sustaining that brings joy, love, and passion to people’s lives. Make myself and the people around me and the world better. Don’t become too jaded or cynical or self-important. And make the universe a more interesting place.

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