10 Things That I’ve Learnt In the Past Few Weeks

  1. You don’t want to tear any muscles around your penis.
  2. When I’m tired, I should just go back to my dorm, strip naked, shower, and work on my bed (still naked).
  3. Say NO to stuff that I’m ambivalent about going.
  4. But give things a try for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Don’t hang out with people that I don’t love being with.
  6. Interesting people have messed up lives.
  7. Sadness is more complicated than happiness.
  8. Most people don’t do their readings (yes, I was that naive).
  9. I thought I was a robot, but I do have emotions.
  10. I especially miss Shenzhen, specifically the loneliness there.
  11. Math is non-trivially substantially anti-sexual.

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