Say Stupid Shit

Something I’ve been really intentional about recently is to act stupid. I’m super excited about how well this is going. People really thought that I was a complete crackhead when I told them that “The toilet is my Church.”

I really think it’s healthy to be embarrassed. The more I do so, the easier it becomes for me to think weird and embarrassing thoughts without my serious self trembling in fear. And LORD, think how powerful I would be if I’m not afraid of embarrassing myself—then maybe I won’t be afraid of doing things that I’m not really good at, that I should get good at, but am not getting good at because I feel stupid doing things that I’m not good at, and not getting good at them really fast because I’m scared of asking really trivial questions because that’ll make me stupid, and even avoiding thinking about me possibly capable of getting good at them because what if I actually can’t? Won’t that be so embarrassing? And perhaps then my friends could all leave me because of how much of an embarrassment I am, which is going to just about be the best thing that’ll happen to me, since I’d then finally be able to spend time on important things, rather than talking constantly with other fun and interesting and intelligent people, which, of course, does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

So, em, if you agree with my reasoning, try to say more stupid shit. You’ll be impressed by how much time you free up when you lose all your friends.

(Kind of inspired by an Oliver Habryka Q&A)

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