About Me

Hi! It’s Warren, as in Warren Buffet Warren. If you want to actually see my CV and stuff you can find it on Linkedin. I don’t know why you’d want to, though. They’re not particularly impressive.

Actually impressive facts about me include: 1. I can eat, like, a lot. 2. I am particularly useless at most things other than being able to talk constantly. 3. I have an irrational distaste for Columbia U. 4. I pride myself on being good at Chinese when in reality I am an order of magnitude worse than any student actually from China. 5. I had a hamster named after Arnold Schwarzenegger who became a hamster pancake after my sister stepped him. 6. I’m born on the same day as Discord and Ronnie Coleman. 7. I can do a really nice vsco girl parody.

I publish pretty sporadically. If I am posting often, it means that my life has gotten really uneventful and sad and I’m self-medicating by writing a ton. This is at least how I came to be here writing this “about” page.

And at last, FYI, this blog’s original targetted audience is college admission officers. It semi-worked and I got into the 4th best Uni in the US. I then decided to continue it since, em, it probably looks somewhat good on my resume that I have a blog and (this reason is more minor) it is fun to write. Honestly, I didn’t know why I wrote this last paragraph. But we can end it here lest I write even more irrelevant things.