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Mystery. Zoom. Love. Movies

A Strange Idea: The worst crime Zoom classes are committing against humanity is depriving kids those real-life serendipitous opportunities to fall in love.

Riffing off Nighthawks

Space stills. Atmosphere coagulates. Objects conjure.  The hats hang in their densities. The windows refrain from inviting. The doors remain perpetual possibilities, obscured and exhausted.  They have known each other. But what is knowing but inopportune misglances? One understands more in a glimpse than hours of mutuality. Time deceives; knowledge, in its safe familiarity, obscures understanding.  She … Continue reading Riffing off Nighthawks

Some College Advices (From Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge admit)

A condensed version of college advices I wrote for my cousins. Hope it is helpful. Start of Advices Disclaimer: My advices will be idiosyncratic, and probably (definitely!) won’t apply to everyone, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. There’s a high degree of luck involved in getting into Elite Unis (though you … Continue reading Some College Advices (From Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge admit)

Truth, Goodness, Beauty

(Some thoughts on how one can define the good life) An interpretation of the Trinity: there is no supreme value that we have to pursuit at all cost. But rather, the proper path emerges out of the interactions between several values we hold in high esteem. Translating back to theology, there is no unitary God, … Continue reading Truth, Goodness, Beauty

All Hail Procrastination!

Proposal for how we can reframe procrastination: rather than treating procrastination as a disease, wailing about how rushed we were for our last project because of procrastination, and how much we’ve tried to get rid of our habit of procrastination to no avail, and deriving some morbid pleasure from that show of our failings, perhaps … Continue reading All Hail Procrastination!

Why Fiction?

Question: What is the point of reading fiction, watching movies, listening to stories? Why do we need an Iliad that is 500 pages when its plot summary is 20? Why do we care to even know the plot, if we know that it has never happened? Answer: I argue that fiction (in the sense of … Continue reading Why Fiction?


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