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Diary Feb.20. Buddhism, David Foster Wallace, Crime and Punishment, and the Sea

2-20 It was a fine day. I finished an Arendt, read some Dostoevsky, some Blake, some CaoXueQing. The Story of A Rock is a great work, but it is really a bit long; although it is always these long volumes that change one’s life. Reading these really long things is like entering a cult. It … Continue reading Diary Feb.20. Buddhism, David Foster Wallace, Crime and Punishment, and the Sea


Shakespeare has always been an intimidating figure, a writer whom one praise but do not read. Finally I have urged myself to visit Shakespeare. It was not easy. It felt like a leap of faith. I did not know what was on the other side of the door, for all I know, it could well … Continue reading Othello

The Clouds of the Sky

Now shall I make my soul, Compelling it to study In a learned school Till the wreck of body, Slow decay of blood, Testy delirium Or dull decrepitude, Or what worse evil come – The death of friends, or death Of every brilliant eye That made a catch in the breath –  Seem but the … Continue reading The Clouds of the Sky

On the Road

Damn. On the Road was a hell of a ride, a true delight, a complete joy. Radiating out of the words and phrases and paragraphs is a frantic energy that propels one forward, without preparing one for what is to come. It really felt like the road, reading this novel that is. The excitement intertwined … Continue reading On the Road

Seized – a poem

I  When the clock strikes twelve the second time of the day,  I shall, with my love and hatred and regret,   fade. My memories will gyre high in the night sky Like specks of dust,  Sailing amongst the stars,  glittering under the moonlight.  I hope my last Eighty-Six-Thousand-Four-Hundred-Seconds may be well spent.  But for … Continue reading Seized – a poem

The Girard Reader

Are humans the mimetic animal? Girard says yes. We model ourselves with respect to others, we desire what others desire, and we do what others do. This is the greatest human virtue and the most insidious human flaw… The Scapegoat : According to Girard, human society undergoes a multi-step universal cycle. A model desires an … Continue reading The Girard Reader


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