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The Saving Power (and destroying power) of Social Media

An answer to the essay question: Does social media make us more lonely? (Turns out that it does and does not—in true Hegelian fashion!) I. Introduction Two qualities distinguish social media from previous technologies: egocentrism and democracy. Social media is more egocentric than previous technologies because, rather than consuming information selected by others and for … Continue reading The Saving Power (and destroying power) of Social Media


I am melting,  My skin is keeping my form.  I am melting,  The white flame is scorching my soul. I want to scream,  Scream: “I am melting!”  But what can they do?  The weather is the weather,  And it doesn’t.  I am melting.  The sweet melting ice cream of summer days,  Dropping down, splashing onto … Continue reading Melting

Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1

This is my new project: Reading through the Nicomachean Ethics, add notes, add my own thoughts to it, and publish it to help others who want to study the classic work (and wonderully enjoyable work too). Nicomachean Ethics  Book 1 The good is that which everything aims at, strives towards, pursues. Distinction between activities where … Continue reading Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1


(This is a short story written for a competition. Discussion about love and meaning. Enjoy.) Hi. Ben here,  I just want to talk to you for a bit. Not for anything substantial really. Still, I’ve been thinking about these things for quite some time now, although I’ve never gotten around to saying them to you. … Continue reading Notes

The One Moral Question

This is taken from Hannah Arendt’s brilliant book, Responsibility and Judgement. What is the most central moral question, the one that holds itself against evil’s banality, is never the imperative: ‘thou shalt’ (either in the commandments or from Kant), nor the normative: “I ought”, I “should”, but the I can‘t, which stems from the categorical: … Continue reading The One Moral Question


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