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My First Love

I’ve never used chalk until I came to Harvard. Now I’ve fallen in love. Chalk writing is theological for me. It presents me with that overwhelmingly devotional sensation one only really encounters in the face of great art. Chalk-writing is like hymn-singing, with letters sung rather than spoken. With the chalk treading through the black … Continue reading My First Love

That’s Valid

I don’t know whether it’s Americans, Math people, or my suite mates, but people around me say “That’s Valid” all the time. —Me disassembling my laptop after working on the same Pset question for 3 hours. “That’s Valid.” —Me feeling depressed and wanting to jump off my dorm naked. “That’s pretty Valid.” —My talking about … Continue reading That’s Valid

Some of My Dreams

I do not condone what is written down here. Dreams are not meant to be done. Basically, try a lot of crazy stuff. Do a lot of hard things. Create something cool and self-sustaining that brings joy, love, and passion to people’s lives. Make myself and the people around me and the world better. Don’t … Continue reading Some of My Dreams


Dreams are where possibility shades into actuality. They’re how the world builds and sustains itself. Realism is false because realists never make anything new or exciting. Without dreamers, the unknown and unthought-of engulfs and destroys reality. When people tell you to be realistic, tell them to dream. Dreams are made of love, made of passion, … Continue reading Dream


Love doesn’t just happen. At first sight, it’s at most an idealization. Idealizations are not false. They’re just not true. They’re like the Constitution without the constituents. Love is more the generation and preservation of attraction through reciprocal effort towards enlarging, strengthening, and losing the self. It’s about the hard and beautiful work into maintaining … Continue reading Romance

Love and Life Optimization

It’s too complicated to decide how to make the most of life. I’ve decided to throw all considerations away and leave only Love. Optimize for the capacity to give and receive love. That is, learn to love and be someone who’s lovable. This points to… Care for others Listen Tell the truth Write and read … Continue reading Love and Life Optimization

Love, Zen, and Paradoxes

Zen is not what you do, but who you become. In this sense, it’s eminently like love. I write this because my friend proposed a paradox in Zen. The logic goes as follows: To practice Zen, you have to desire to be in Zen. People in Zen have no desires. Therefore they won’t desire to … Continue reading Love, Zen, and Paradoxes


There are two types of attractiveness. This will have direct bearing on how we should mate. There are people who are universally attractive. Pretty features. Good build. Etc.. But there are also people who we find uniquely attractive. Perhaps because of their hobbies, personality, or the specific type of beauty they embody. We may find … Continue reading Attractiveness


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