Some College Advices (From Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge admit)

A condensed version of college advices I wrote for my cousins. Hope it is helpful. Start of Advices Disclaimer: My advices will be idiosyncratic, and probably (definitely!) won’t apply to everyone, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. There’s a high degree of luck involved in getting into Elite Unis (though you … Continue reading Some College Advices (From Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge admit)

Against Method—A Quasi-Book Review

(Written for a school publication, for one of the most enjoyable reads last year.) I. Recommended There are entertaining books that lack substance. There are substantial books that put you to sleep. [1] There are entertaining books that have substance, but do nothing more than confirm your prejudices. Then there are books that are entertaining, … Continue reading Against Method—A Quasi-Book Review


Enframing Enframing—the setting of borders and boundaries, the separation of the within and without, the distinction between inside and outside—is the central problem of our time.  With humanity’s growing capacity to act, it is necessary to understand enframing—the process underlying action—else we may in turn be enslaved by its operation, acting thoughtlessly towards catastrophe. Enframing … Continue reading Enframing

A Theory of Biological Consciousness

To replicate, Biological systems need to satisfy three criteria: 1. Survival 2. Reproduction 3. Fidelity of copying—and, since most biological systems that exist are optimized for replication (since this is the process by which natural selection occurs), most are tethered to these three criteria. On the level of the organism, the dynamic self-replication of the … Continue reading A Theory of Biological Consciousness