Love doesn't just happen. At first sight, it's at most an idealization. Idealizations are not false. They're just not true. They're like the Constitution without the constituents. Love is more the generation and preservation of attraction through reciprocal effort towards enlarging, strengthening, and losing the self. It's about the hard and beautiful work into maintaining … Continue reading Romance


There are two types of attractiveness. This will have direct bearing on how we should mate. There are people who are universally attractive. Pretty features. Good build. Etc.. But there are also people who we find uniquely attractive. Perhaps because of their hobbies, personality, or the specific type of beauty they embody. We may find … Continue reading Attractiveness

Writing Well

A desperate attempt to justify the existence of college writing classes by articulating the importance of writing well, in order to make me feel better about how I'm forced to take them instead of the other 3700 courses offered at Harvard. Why Learn Writing? The Short Answer So we can articulate, communicate, and think with … Continue reading Writing Well

How To Think

A mysterious question that has been bugging me for ages: How exactly do we think thoughts?—especially good ones? The unsatisfyingly default answer: "We direct our attention to whatever we want to think about, and with enough concentration, good thoughts manage to shoot out, kinda like how we squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from … Continue reading How To Think