Hi, Imposter

Note to Self Don't “get over” the imposter syndrome. There’s nothing there to avoid. Rather than getting rid of the imposter, welcome him into my life. It means that I'm coming out of the oft-too-comfortable shell of what I'm good at into what's new and exciting. A quick mental check Am I feeling like an … Continue reading Hi, Imposter


We are all supremely lonely. Maturity is our coming to terms with this fact. It is when we realize that loneliness is necessary, just like birth pangs and death (and taxes). For it's within loneliness that we truly see ourselves, with our beauty and ugliness shining through the cracks that loneliness makes on our myriad … Continue reading Loneliness

Art Happens

Beauty is not in the beholder nor the beholden. It is in the subject-object complex, where the two reciprocal rejoind each other in their expressivity and receptivity. It is the same for art. A work of art is not art. Only when a work of art enters humanity (with humans recognizing the mystery and meaningfulness … Continue reading Art Happens

Tragically Comic

He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.Matthew 10:39 Imagine affairs that begin only in their end. Imagine states whose possibilities are their impossibilities. Imagine objects that acquire value only when they’re lost. Imagine truths that are known only through falsity. Imagine things … Continue reading Tragically Comic

Riffing off Nighthawks

Space stills. Atmosphere coagulates. Objects conjure.  The hats hang in their densities. The windows refrain from inviting. The doors remain perpetual possibilities, obscured and exhausted.  They have known each other. But what is knowing but inopportune misglances? One understands more in a glimpse than hours of mutuality. Time deceives; knowledge, in its safe familiarity, obscures understanding.  She … Continue reading Riffing off Nighthawks