How To Think

A mysterious question that has been bugging me for ages: How exactly do we think thoughts?—especially good ones? The unsatisfyingly default answer: "We direct our attention to whatever we want to think about, and with enough concentration, good thoughts manage to shoot out, kinda like how we squeeze out the last bit of toothpaste from … Continue reading How To Think

Art Happens

Beauty is not in the beholder nor the beholden. It is in the subject-object complex, where the two reciprocal rejoind each other in their expressivity and receptivity. It is the same for art. A work of art is not art. Only when a work of art enters humanity (with humans recognizing the mystery and meaningfulness … Continue reading Art Happens

Borges. The Person, the Übermensch

Watching Borges, I cannot but be struck by his extreme graciousness, his humor, his honesty, his lack of pride, and his magical smile. (Here's the interview: There I see a lover of the world without hatred, envy, or the natural tensions of the lover; no chip on one’s shoulder, or apple above one’s head. … Continue reading Borges. The Person, the Übermensch