Be Myself?

Hannah Arendt wrote about this in Between Past and Future: We are always subject to social pressures. When parents reject any form of discipline of the child, in fear of destroying their childhood innocence, of tyrannizing them, they are only leaving children to the tyranny of the larger social group. I can see this clearly … Continue reading Be Myself?

Fight Club & Mutual Recognition

Mutual recognition, as a Hegelian term, has been misunderstood greatly. It is not something great, it is not static, but it is precisely in mutual recognition that differences emerge. Fight Club revolves around recognition. The first scene with Bob and the narrator hugging together exposes already the hidden inauthenticity in recognition—the two parties are recognizing … Continue reading Fight Club & Mutual Recognition

Fundamental Ontology: Combining Augustine and Heidegger

This will be a short essay. There is a passage from the Confessions (XII)that helped me understand Heidegger's ontology. It rests on this sentence from Genesis: "The earth was invisible and formless, darkness was over the deep" Augustine asks: How can there be nothing before creation? How can something come from nothing? A traditional interpretation would … Continue reading Fundamental Ontology: Combining Augustine and Heidegger

Intervention of the Real (What is Fantasy? From a Psychoanalytic perspective)

"Fixation", from Freud, is the constant desiring of something beyond reasonable limit. It is something that persists from when one is a child to when one is an adult. What we are fixated on is the object of fantasy, an object that promises fulfillment when we attain it. We crave fulfillment because we, so long … Continue reading Intervention of the Real (What is Fantasy? From a Psychoanalytic perspective)

On Promise

(A disorganized, but I hope interesting, discussion on the faculty of promise. Something that I am immensely interested in.) Nietzsche called promising "the memory of the will"; Hume equated the faculty of promise with transubstantiation. Promise is how consciousness gains a foothold in reality, how the uncertainty of the future may be collapsed into the … Continue reading On Promise