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The Paradox in Amor-Ab-Initio

Problem: There seems to be no way to willingly make myself Love. Explanation: Love is an end-in-itself, and has to be willed for its own sake. The very act of willing, however, expresses a certain interest to love (that is, we all know that love is a good thing, and desire to love), and therefore … Continue reading The Paradox in Amor-Ab-Initio

Care. Concern. Love.

“Mom, can you not care about me so much! Just leave me alone!” The above line has been a recurring theme in my teenage years, with an almost-always too concerned mother (a rather fortunate thing, though I am focusing here on the torturous aspects). What troubled me was the fact that she could not stop … Continue reading Care. Concern. Love.


Guilt, I think, is one of the transcendentals of life, what Karl Jaspers calls the Ultimate Situation—what is inescapably thrown with oneself into existence (if I sound too pessimistic, here I write with the irredeemable guilt of spending the last 23 minutes of my life on YouTube watching god-knows-what). It rises out of a natural … Continue reading Guilt

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