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Being Ethical

Out of the thinkers I know, Kant most rigorously theorized Ethics, tying it with Duty, Categories, Freedom, Universal Law, Causality (outside of nature), Immortality, and God. But his insight is remarkably simple: the very state of acting ethically is qualitatively different from everything else we do (what he calls “pathological actions”). It must be done … Continue reading Being Ethical

Sex Ed

Perhaps Sex Ed has some benefits. There are statistics showing it. I don’t want to deny its success. But it reveals a much more general failing of schools—the terrible quality of true, genuine, liberal arts education, an education of the person as a whole. It is necessarily to provide kids with certain statistics and certain … Continue reading Sex Ed

Productivity of Negativity

Frustration is very effective. In general, negative emotions should not be purged. Pain, Anger, Annoyance, are mechanisms for change. They prompt us into action. Pain, in fact, accompanies every single action we do. The sense of craving, the sense of striving, are all forms of pain. The stoics thought that all negative emotions should be … Continue reading Productivity of Negativity

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