(Inspired by Waiting for Godot) Waiting for the Apple Pencil

This is for a bit of fun and a bit of laughs. Named after Samuel Beckett's famous play and inspired by the many times in which my sister loses her Apple Pencil. Waiting For Godot Albert: Brother of Suzanne. Age: 16-18. Tall, rather slim.  Suzanne: Sister of Albert. Age: 10-12. Prepubescently naive.  Cashier: Maintains a … Continue reading (Inspired by Waiting for Godot) Waiting for the Apple Pencil


Shakespeare has always been an intimidating figure, a writer whom one praise but do not read. Finally I have urged myself to visit Shakespeare. It was not easy. It felt like a leap of faith. I did not know what was on the other side of the door, for all I know, it could well … Continue reading Othello

Conjectures and Refutations – Karl Popper

How I wish all books of Philosophy are written like Conjectures and Refutations... It is entertaining whilst staying profound. What more can I ask? Perhaps because Popper is a philosopher of Science, there is little bull***tStarting from the idea of falsification as the criteria of demarkation between Philosophy and Science, Popper moves on and applies … Continue reading Conjectures and Refutations – Karl Popper