Being Ethical

Out of the thinkers I know, Kant most rigorously theorized Ethics, tying it with Duty, Categories, Freedom, Universal Law, Causality (outside of nature), Immortality, and God. But his insight is remarkably simple: the very state of acting ethically is qualitatively different from everything else we do (what he calls "pathological actions"). It must be done … Continue reading Being Ethical

Sex Ed

Perhaps Sex Ed has some benefits. There are statistics showing it. I don't want to deny its success. But it reveals a much more general failing of schools—the terrible quality of true, genuine, liberal arts education, an education of the person as a whole. It is necessarily to provide kids with certain statistics and certain … Continue reading Sex Ed

The Humanity of Mathematics, from discussing “Event”

(I organize a Maths-Except-That-It-Is-Much-Cooler-Than-Most-School-Maths Society, and during our last meeting a question came up: What do we mean by an "event"? Here is my answer—which reads like a piece of Heideggerian apology): We have to first specify what we really mean by an "event". When we say event, we can mean an "event" in mathematics … Continue reading The Humanity of Mathematics, from discussing “Event”